I have been a parking attendant in Brighton and Hove for two months.

The term traffic warden does not apply in this city as traffic wardens are employed by the police.

We are employed by National Car Parks (NCP) who have a contract with Brighton and Hove City Council.

Another myth is that we are paid commission. We are, in fact, paid hourly.

The roads in the city centre can no longer cope with the volume of traffic and subsequent parking which now exists.

The selfish attitude of a minority who have little regard for others is very apparent and manifests itself in many ways.

Some drivers believe it is acceptable to park on pavements.

This forces pedestrians to step into the road and causes problems for the blind and people with buggies.

Sadly, there is much improper use of disabled badges as some are stolen, forged or loaned to others.

This causes problems for the genuinely disabled who invariably get tarred with the same brush.

If you do have a genuine disability, please try to park where you will not cause obstruction by not parking on corners, especially those leading into narrow streets.

When the council issues parking orders they are there for a purpose.

If they were not enforced, the whole city centre would gridlock, meaning no emergency services could function.

So, before you park illegally or query a parking penalty notice, please think.

Your lack of consideration could lead to a fatality.

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