More victims have come forward to catapult attacks in Brighton and Hove.

Police now have between 40 and 50 reports following the arrest of a suspect on Friday.

Buses, cars, houses, flats and shop windows in the city have been smashed with ballbearings or stones.

Inspector Steve Curry, of Brighton and Hove police, said today: "We even have reports of an offender picking up a scaffold pole and using it to smash car windows.

"Some of the complaints may be unrelated but there is definitely a pattern emerging with most of the incidents.

"We now have a detective inspector and a dedicated team of officers looking into this matter."

The 23-year-old suspect was arrested on Friday at a flat in Rottingdean, Brighton and remanded in custody on an unrelated matter.

A catapult and a ballbearing was discovered in the glove compartment of a car parked nearby.

Damage running into thousands of pounds was caused in an hour-long shooting spree on Wednesday of last week.

Eight buses and seven cars were hit in two days last week.