Web design company 72 dots has shown it knows the recipe for success by designing a site for a TV chef.

The Brighton-based company has produced the Return To Jamie's Kitchen web site (www. channel4. com /jamie) for Channel 4.

The site is a spin-off supporting the Jamie's Kitchen fly-on-the-wall series, which showed Oliver pick 15 disadvantaged youngsters to train as chefs for his new restaurant Fifteen.

The programme proved such a success that Channel 4 commissioned two follow-up episodes and 72 dots was asked to add extra content to boost the site.

It attracted more than 90,000 hits when the series was repeated last month.

The site includes interviews with the trainees, interactive quizzes and advice for people interested in a catering career.

72 dots (www.72dots. co.uk) has produced a series of sites for Channel 4 including the Derren Brown Mind Control site.

Wednesday September 24, 2003