Boxer Chris Eubank opens his front door to the nation tonight when his reality show hits TV screens.

Only 60 per cent of people in the Brighton and Hove area who have digital or satellite television will see At Home With The Eubanks because the programme is being screened on Channel Five.

In the first episode, which goes on air at 8pm, viewers get to meet Eubank's family - wife Karron and children Christopher, Emily, Sebastian and Joseph - and hear what his children think of him.

During the rest of the series, the cameras follow Eubank as he goes shopping, Sebastian gets into trouble at school and an April Fools' joke is played on the boxer, involving his beloved truck.

Eubank and his wife go for a romantic break in Paris and the family takes a holiday together.

Moments to watch out for in the series include Karron confronting him over the cane he carries around with him, his children ridiculing him over his speech impediment and Sebastian's embarrassment when he is with his friends and bumps into his father in the street.

A spokeswoman for Eubank said: "The family will be sitting and watching. They have seen the edited tapes of the programme anyway."

A spokeswoman for Carlton television, which has produced the series, said Channel Five was looking to improve its transmission service in the area.

She said: "We are very sorry for people in Brighton and Hove who won't get to see the programme."