A double selection this weekend, featuring everything from Digweed to drum'n'bass and more.

EVERY DAY PEOPLE, Escape Club, Brighton, June 7: Producer/remixer DJ Grant Nelson returns to EDP to give another masterclass in how to DJ properly. He was a big hit with the crowds the last time he played the night in March and I'm sure we can expect more of the same this time around. He is downstairs with Friendly Pressure and Scott Gair, while Pete Haywood and DJ Willerby will be on duty up top. The only downside is his popularity has a price - expect to queue. It runs from 10pm to 3am. It costs £8/7 (£5 NUS before 12am). 01273 606906.

BEDROCK, The Beach, Brighton, June 6: John Digweed and Phil Thompson always do the business and if, like me, you don't subscribe to the point of view that progressive house has had its day, Bedrock is always worth mining for a good time. It is an institution and none the worse for it. Digweed is quite unheralded, compared to some other big-name DJs but he is a bona fide superstar. It runs from 10pm to 3am. Admission is £8 NUS before 11pm (£10 thereafter). 01273 722272.

TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH, The Joint, Brighton, June 7: On paper it doesn't sound too much or even enough - Dynamite Sal and Boogaloo Stu playing pop of all shapes and sizes. But this dynamic duo are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, no bad thing on a Saturday night. Seeing Stu in action is like hearing Van Halen's Why Can't This Be Love for the first time - in other words, marvellous. Check out his web site at www.blueyellow.com/boogaloostu .

SOLID GROUND, Concorde 2, Brighton, June 7: Drum 'n' bass isn't really my cup of tea but those in the know tell me Solid Ground could be worth a visit. DJs Bailey (Radio 1 Extra), Calibre, Dom Roland and Micky Finn and MCs Navigator, Flux and SP will be churning things up on the floor. I just wish I could dance to it. From 10.30pm. Admission £10. 01273 772770.

SOUL HEAVEN vs NERVOUS RECORDS, The Zap, Brighton, June 7: This should be a house sensation. The legendary New York label Nervous Records will be in town with those nice people from Soul Heaven - the real deal when it comes to funky house. The star attraction will be a live pa by the man with the voice, Byron Stingley, but DJs Teddy Douglas, Seth Sanchez and Si Gracia aren't exactly supporting acts. It runs from 10pm to 4am. £10/12. 01273 202407.

BOYGIRL, Ocean Rooms, Brighton, June 7: It's Izit V's Space Special Late-Night with Stuart Patterson, Kenny Hawkes, Luke Soloman, Leo Elstob and Tula. From 10pm to 3am. It costs £8 (£5 NUS before 11pm). 01273 699069.