Allan, Anna and I would like to thank The Argus for a wonderful evening at The Achievement Awards and to say how much everyone enjoyed it.

It is very moving and incredibly heart-warming to meet so many courageous and brave people under one roof and hear of their achievements.

Of course, we were especially proud of our little man Harrison and how really lovely of The Argus to give the Child of Courage award jointly to all four.

Any child with a life threatening illness or who goes through so much in early life is very special and their little faces were worth their weight in gold as they climbed on to the stage to receive their awards.

We have all enjoyed the write-up in The Argus and copies will be going around the world this weekend to friends and family who know and love Harrison.

Anna's evening was made when she met James Herbert, her favourite author. She had taken four of his books along, hoping that he would sign them.

He was so kind and friendly and spent a lot of time talking to her.

On Friday, I took Harrison to Lewes Victoria hospital to show off his trophy and he made many elderly ladies and gentlemen there very happy.

Thank you once again for the months of hard work put in to make this wonderful evening so special and memorable.

-Jenny Stone, Newhaven