It was more a case of changing loos than changing rooms when a girls' school toilets got a television makeover.

The project was top secret to all but a privileged few.

Teachers were banished from the Year 7 toilets and all but a handful of students knew what the new design would look like.

Hove Park headteacher Tim Barclay was told only that the room would be pink and fluffy, so, with some trepidation, he let the girls get on with it.

Deputy head Tony Childs was the first to be allowed in when the makeover was complete. After a 30 second silence he said: "Wow" and the students breathed a sigh of relief.

Mr Barclay was also pleasantly surprised and said the makeover made a pleasant change from the drab floor tiles and red cubicles that had darkened the room for the past few years.

They had been replaced with shocking pinks and yellows, fluffy pink toilet seats and mirrors and a poster of boy band Busted.

He said: "It's certainly pink and fluffy and I am sure it will be a big hit with the girls.

"It's nice the students have had chance to have a lot of fun and really get creative with the toilets."

The makeover was filmed as part of a new CiTV programme called UP2U. The programme gives youngsters a chance to sound off about all the things going on in their lives.

Children under 13 can get in touch with CiTV with an idea for a report which might be used and filmed.

One of the programme's researchers visited the lower school in Hangleton Way before half term and met with some of the children.

They said they were sick of their school toilets being dull and boring and decided to perk them up with pink paint and smelly accessories.

Year 7 students Aeron Corrigan, Emma Yates and Helen Gill were exhausted after their handiwork transforming the toilets but were delighted with the way it turned out.

Emma said: "Our favourite bit was filming with the director Kirsty."

Aeron added: "I liked all the pink with the towels and the soaps. I just hope other people like it or they will blame us."

No date has been set for the programme to be aired but it is likely to be this summer.