Exhibitions will be held on controversial proposals to expand Gatwick airport.

As part of a national consultation process, the Department for Transport has organised two shows to look at the future of South-East air transport over the next 30 years.

There will be an exhibition at the Gatwick Hilton from May 2 to 3 and a further day at the Aurora Hotel in Crawley on May 31.

Visitors will be able to learn about the options, pick up documents and find out how they can take part in the consultation.

Documents will examine the economic, environmental and social implications of the options.

Crawley MP Laura Moffatt has arranged a special consultation evening for residents in Langley Green and Ifield, who she says would be most affected by noise. It will be held at the local community centre on May 27.

She is also working to set up an email vote on the matter.

Ms Moffatt said: "I think this is one of the most crucial issues for our town and I'm urging everyone to go to the exhibitions.

"I am not yet decided and I shall wait to hear all the points of view before I make my submission.

"Getting this right is essential for our town.

"Many people have relied on Gatwick for employment but we always have to consider and balance environmental costs."

"In the meantime I would like to urge everyone who is interested to visit the exhibition.

For more information on the exhibitions, log on to www.aviation.dft.gov.uk For details of Laura Moffatt's consultation evening, call 01293 526005.