More than 60 guns have been collected in Worthing as a result of a police firearms amnesty.

An assortment of shotguns, air rifles and replica guns have been handed in at Worthing police station in Union Place during the first fortnight of the amnesty, which will run throughout April.

The move allows people to get rid of guns without being prosecuted for illegal possession.

Rodney Ash, the police's firearms and explosives licence manager, said the amnesty had been a huge success.

He said: "Every weapon which is off the streets makes Sussex a safer place.

"I hope it carries on like this for the whole amnesty."

PC Trevor Cox said: "Because we have no firearms knowledge as such, we place red labels on each gun.

"Every time a firearms team comes round, they make them safe and give them a green label so we know they are safe to handle.

"They are collected once a week and destroyed."