John Parry is correct (The Argus, April 11), a vote is the most effective protest.

I hope the largest anti-war parties, the Lib Dems and Greens, do well but it would be sad if outspoken opponents of war such as Joyce Edmond Smith and Francis Tonks became more of Blair's victims.

Mr Parry refers to damage done by protesters but the vandals wore masks and did not mix with other demonstrators, no one appeared to know them and, regrettably, they were not arrested.

Many of us suspect they were a dirty tricks gang planted by pro-war interests to discredit anti-war groups.

The comparison of Hussein with Hitler requires a little history lesson. Hussein is America's monster.

Britain left Iraq in 1958 with the young, Harrow-educated king who was perceived to be Britain's puppet. The result was his murder and replacement by a military regime.

This regime made neutralist approaches to the USSR. The USA was alarmed and, wanting the generals removed, discovered the Ba'athists and financed them to initially unstable power.

Hussein looked like America's dream. The US armed him as a bulwark against the USSR and the Muslim Fundamentalists in Iran who had nationalised American oil companies.

Though colluding in the invasion of Iran, America acted against its former prodigy when he invaded Kuwait.

The Twin Towers and the war in Afghanistan showed unpopularity for economic failure can be reversed by national tragedy and war.

War can achieve re-election and bring Iraqi oil reserves under American control.

If Bush and Blair's concern was Iraqi welfare, they could have arranged for food, water, medicine and mobile hospitals to accompany the troops but they have not even protected existing hospitals and relief agencies.

Little thought appears to have been given to establishing democracy or even a workable administration, though lucrative contracts are given by Bush to his business friends.

Already the Budget has shown all but the very rich will be paying for Bush and Blair's wicked war for years to come and not only in cash: Blair has made himself Bin Laden's little helper.

-Oscar Thompsett, Brighton