I read so many letters praising or at least in favour of Labour-run Brighton and Hove City Council all I can ask is do these people live here?

Look around the streets and there is rubbish everywhere.

The roads, which 95 per cent of the year are being dug up, are ludicrous and the council seems hell bent on making the seafront in Hove look like something from the Costa Del Sol.

Add to this the extortionate rise in council tax and the added burden of having to pay to park outside your own house, it is surprising anyone can afford to live here at all.

Since becoming a city, the council has developed delusions of grandeur. This is not London and we do not earn the wages of Londoners.

I agree with some of your letter writers about the cynical way the council starts to tart up the town just before an election. It is too little too late as far as I'm concerned.

I hope the people of Brighton and Hove think of what is best for the city and vote for the councillor they think will best support their community and not because they always vote for one party.

-Richard Goodliff, Patcham