As a tenants' representative for Moulsecoomb East Social and Tenants' Association (MESATA), I was approached to represent Mr Pemberton after he had received a notice to quit from Brighton and Hove City Council.

We met with the housing officer for South Moulsecoomb. At the meeting, Mr Pemberton was treated with sympathy and respect and it was explained to him why the tenancy could not be passed on to him but that they would be re-housing him, if possible, in an area of his choice.

Mr Pemberton was selective in the areas he chose so he could stay close to his family and friends.

The officer explained when a suitable property became available, Mr Pemberton would be contacted but that, in the meantime, he could continue to live in the house he shared with his wife Margaret under the use in law of "tolerated trespasser".

This title caused no problem to Mr Pemberton at the time, no time limit was given as to how long he would have to wait but he was assured of their commitment to him.

I understand from the article that Mr Pemberton's case has been taken on by Ian Hills, a candidate for the U.K. Independent Party.

Perhaps Mr Hills could wait until he is elected before taking on the role of a representative for our area.

-Derek Lewry, Tenants' Representative MESATA, Brighton