An archery club plagued by vandal attacks will be able to keep its equipment safe thanks to borough planners.

Worthing Borough Council's planning committee has given permission for Worthing Archery Club to have a metal storage hut at its clubhouse, off Titnore Lane In previous years, equipment was stored in a wooden hut but members had to continually repair the damage it sustained during vandalism attacks.

The club was given temporary permission to have the metal hut in 2001 but it has now been allowed to keep it on a permanent basis, despite its appearance being unsuitable for the woodland area.

In a letter to the committee, club spokesman David Turgoose told how vandals, fly-tippers and people dumping cars had caused considerable problems in recent years.

Stressing the need for a fire-proof storage facility, he wrote: "Much of the essence of the archery club is the range of equipment that is available, not only for juniors and beginners, but also the larger, less portable items such as targets.

"If we were forced to abandon the existing secure storage and the equipment was destroyed by fire, it would be the end of our club.

"That would be a loss to Worthing and the loss of a national archery venue."

The club plans to screen the metal hut with camouflage netting or plants so it does not look so out of place.