It is a month today since popular music teacher Jane Longhurst disappeared from her home in Shaftesbury Road, Brighton.

Police fear she may have been abducted and murdered but they have no clue about what has happened to her.

That is why they have now put up a £5,000 reward for information leading to her discovery.

Naturally, her family and partner are extremely distraught by her sudden disappearance.

The children and staff at Uplands School in Brighton where she works are also very upset.

Someone, somewhere must know what has happened to Jane Longhurst, a highly professional teacher with no known worries.

It is unlikely she would have walked away from her life and inconceivable that she would have disappeared for so long.

She is a steady, reliable woman who would undoubtedly have kept in touch, even if she had decided to take a break.

What at first seemed to be a simple disappearance has now assumed the importance of a major crime.

Even small and insignificant details might give police a vital clue.

Everyone who can help, must do so. Posters all over the city will remind people of what they should do.

The hope is fading that Jane will be found safe and well but all who knew her are desperate to end the long weeks of uncertainty.