Shoreham officials believe the club will emerge stronger from a week of turmoil which has seen the departure of long-serving chairman John Bell and manager Andy Agutter.

Bell, chairman at Middle Road for 15 years, resigned after he was criticised by a committee member. Agutter, his son-in-law, quit a few hours after Shoreham's match with Littlehampton last Saturday.

Shoreham's game at Sidlesham was postponed on Tuesday at the club's request to give them time to sort out a management structure which will stay in place until the end of the season.

A new committee has also been formed and Roy Brown, who has been involved with the club for over 50 years, will be its chairman.

Bell had already indicated that he was going to retire at the end of the season but claims his hand was forced because of the "verbal abuse" he suffered.

He admits to having discussions with Withdean chief executive Alan Pook but insists they were about staging Withdean youth matches at Middle Road.

He said: "A committee member accused me of selling out to Alan Pook which I could not accept.

"Dorothy Stringer School stage their cup matches here and Alan is involved with the school and we have had various conversations but then all sorts of rumours start flying around.

"I've heard all these stories, but it is nothing to do with Withdean FC coming here."

Pook said: "I talked to John about a mutually beneficial arrangement which could have seen some of our 17 youth teams playing at Shoreham, but nothing hard and fast had been deciced.

"We stage Dorothy Stringer games and other schools matches there and John has always made us welcome."

"I just feel sad that it has come to this and that John has left because there are too few quality people to go around the clubs in Sussex and this was an opportunity to help one of the nice guys."

Reserve team boss Jimmy Downey, his assistants Keith and Gary Woolgar and senior players Jason Tighe, Reece Head and Mike Rowbottom will run football matters until the end of the season and Shoreham insist they will have no problems fulfilling their remaining fixtures.

Agutter's predecessor Roger Brace, who will be treasurer and general manager on the new committee, said: "There were lots of stories flying around, none of which had any substance, but one or two people took umbrage and John has gone which is a great shame because he did a lot for the club.

"But out of the problem a new committee has been formed which will stabilise the club.

"As far as the team management is concerned, we will wait to see how the next few weeks unfold and then make permanent appointments, but we won't be advertising or approaching anyone in the near future."