Sorry to those disappointed not to have read a report of the With Age Comes ... event at Churchill Square shopping centre in Brighton the Saturday before last.

Artistic director Ruth Glaser, of Voodoo Vaudeville, says: "The aim of the project was to raise the profile of older people in celebrating their lives and creativity and challenge prevailing stereotypes.

"Surely such a successful and important show of strength by the older community ought not to have been overlooked by the leading newspaper in the area?"

She is right, we should have reported on the event, especially having previewed it both on page 3 several days before and on our what's on pages the day before, although in fairness we did use a picture from the event in Extra the following Wednesday.

For the record, and by way of apology, Ruth says the event attracted huge numbers and literally brought the centre to a standstill.

Sally, from Hove, who also questioned the lack of a report, says it was a "wonderful" celebration of the lives of older people. Well done all and, as I say, sorry for our lacklustre effort.

Now birds and the two swans threatened with execution for endangering pilots' lives, which we reported on last Friday.

Keith Noble, from Steyning, spotted that the caption to the accompanying picture in the morning edition incorrectly said they were the pair involved.

How did he know? "They were not even of the same species as the mute swans reported on. They were Bewick's swans and they nest in Siberia." Oops.

Ornithologist Jonathan Cook, also from Steyning, says the birds that we reported on Wednesday last week had set up nest in a Brighton traffic light were not ring-neck, but collared doves.

"In fact," he adds, "there's no such thing as a ring-neck dove. There are ring-necked parakeets (often seen in the Richmond area of London), ring-necked ducks (very rare) and ring-necked turkeys and chickens (of the dinner plate variety)." Um, thanks.

Our feature about the rise of the Whitehawk estate in Brighton on March 5 was accompanied by a wrong picture.

It showed the Bristol estate and Donald Hall Road, which, as Dot Cole, from Portslade, rightly points out has always been known as Manor Farm.

She adds: "I was born and lived in Maresfield Road from 1948 until 1971 and the area was always known as Manor Farm. To my knowledge, it has never changed its name to Whitehawk - only in the media!" Thanks, Mrs Cole, and sorry.

Peter Arkell, from Hove, says his copy of the evening edition of March 4 had a front-page picture of a bus being boarded by TAPP protestors which made its red stripe appear orange.

"Normally, Brighton and Hove buses are red, except those in special route colours on the five Metro services. All buses are sometimes off the road for maintenance and so there are always some red buses on the Metro services.

"However, the orange Metro buses stop outside the newsagent's in Church Road and not outside Hove Town Hall as your picture showed. It seems the photo had been altered in some way to show orange instead of red."

Thanks, Mr Arkell, but in fact it was simply a case of poorer quality printing in your edition and the bus was in fact red.

And finally, thank you to the anonymous reader who says our report in earlier editions of Thursday last week about Upper Beeding village hall should have said the building is also used and maintained by the people of Bramber.