After 15 years in the biz, Public Enemy are still going strong.

Probably one of the most influential and controversial rap groups of the late Eighties, they built on Run DMC's street-oriented beats and Boogie Down Productions' proto-gangsta rhyming to pioneer a variety of rap that was musically and politically revolutionary.

Rapping about all kinds of social problems, particularly those plaguing the black community, they often condoned revolutionary tactics and social activism.

In the process, hip-hop moved towards an explicitly self-aware, pro-black consciousness that became the culture's signature throughout the next decade.

Albums like Welcome To The Terrordome and Apolocalypse 91 - The Enemy Strikes Black became classic hallmarks of the Public Enemy sound.

Still as controversial as ever, the Chuck D-led hip-hop icons had their 2002 rap, Gotta Give The Peeps What They Need, banned by MTV because the lyrics were deemed too political.

The present line up features originals Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X, Professor Griff and the S1Ws, while the addition of DJ Lord Aswod, who joined the crew four years ago, brings a fresh element of turntablism into the mix.

Tickets cost £13.50, starts 9pm. Call 01273 709709