Most people in the world were not even born when the Holocaust happened 60 years ago.

The terrible crimes against humanity did not become fully known until after the end of the Second World War.

They were so appalling that many people still cannot forgive Germany for the horrors committed under Nazi rule.

Others have sought to put them to one side now Germany has proved itself a model democracy.

Only in recent years has a special day to remember the Holocaust been set aside in the UK and there was opposition to it, often for the best of reasons.

That day is today this year. It is being observed in Sussex and other parts of the country more than ever before.

Today, even more than Remembrance Day in November, needs to be observed with care and compassion.

It is right to recall the shocking deaths and torture suffered by millions of men and women under Nazi rule.

But it should not be used as an excuse to stir up anti-German feeling in a country which, more than any other, seems obsessed with a conflict that ended in 1945.

Today should be an opportunity for everyone to vow that such appalling cruelty should never be allowed to occur again anywhere in the world.

Its stark message must echo down the years.