It was good of Mr D Ward, secretary of the Saltdean Residents' Association (SRA), to remind us of the next association quarterly meeting (Letters, January 20).

We are sure the event will have sold out following his blustering outrage and suggestion that "local infrastructure cannot sustain any sizeable influx".

However, if he read The Argus properly and made inquiries (which one would expect of executive members of a residents' association), he would know our amenities are not threatened at all.

We manage perfectly well in the summer when the Grand Ocean Hotel is full to capacity - although there was a run on ice creams and buckets and spades during the last heatwave and a long queue in the off-licence on the night of the Fatboy Slim concert.

The schools will not be affected, nor will the doctor's surgery. But the NHS would grant any hotel resident a doctor's appointment in an emergency, whether they hail from Blackpool or Baghdad.

We should have warned anyone planning to attend the meeting looking for excitement that Any Other Business would have been a long one: Saving Saltdean Community Centre, fencing the Tye, the South Downs National Park boundary, double parking on Longridge Avenue, the price of the NCP car park, traffic-calming measures, kerbside recycling, saving the Saltdean badgers, failing democracy in SRA referenda and that perennial problem, dog poo on the paths around the school - all were up for debate, whatever agenda the SRA had planned.

-Liz Lee (Telscombe Town and Lewes District Councillor), Saltdean, and Marina Baker, Saltdean