I refer to the fantasy world of Liz Lee and Marina Baker regarding asylum-seekers (Letters, January 20).

Firstly, the original idea, drawn up after the horrors of the Second World War became so apparent, was that people fleeing persecution and dictatorial regimes would be provided safe haven in the nearest secure country to the one they were fleeing.

There are no such dangerous countries surrounding England so why are people not settling in the first safe country they come to where they can obtain asylum?

The real reason is simply money. While I accept a small minority of the huge numbers coming here on a daily basis may well be true asylum-seekers who should be helped, the vast majority are simply economic migrants.

The acid test of this is the vast majority of these people are single young males. Where are all their families?

Only time will tell us the the real number of economic migrants to be housed in the Grand Ocean Hotel and the affect on Saltdean and surrounding areas but I fear people such as Ms Lee and Ms Baker will get a rude awakening in the near future.

-R Stewart, Falmer Road, Rottingdean