Can anyone help solve the mystery of the world's smallest man?

In 1951, Jack Fullford of Worthing was said to be the minutest midget in the world at just 30in tall.

However, when we published a historical snippet on Jack, it threw up a puzzler.

Reader Sue Jenner, of Penfold Road, Worthing, sent in a fragile and faded newspaper cutting from the Weekend Mail, dated November 29, 1956.

The Mail referred to a man by the name of Henry Behrens, who was once pictured with Laurel and Hardy in Blackpool.

Surely Jack and Henry must be the same person but why the different name?

Former circus performer Jack (or is that Henry?) moved to Worthing with his slightly taller wife Emmie in 1951 and lived in a modest terrace home in Graham Road.

The Weekend Mail took a series of fascinating photographs of Henry, showing him standing on tiptoes to post a letter, posing with a black cat, which on his hindlegs reached up to his shoulders, and crossing the road outside the post office in Chapel Road.

He was only slightly taller than his cooker but smoked a pipe almost as long as his forearm.

One reporter wrote: "When some lumbering great clumsy six-footer comes up behind Henry Behrens saying, 'Come along, my little man, I'll take you across the road' - that's when Henry Behrens blows his top.

"Because, although he's only 30 inches high, Henry's 62 and finds life as a midget difficult enough without being taken for a small boy.

"Henry's the smallest man in the world and, for most of his life, as a member of a troupe of midgets, he's made his living by being just that.

"He was born in Brazil but, with his 40-inch-high wife, Emmie, he's travelled all over the world with circuses. Now the tiny couple have settled in a normal-sized house at Worthing."

Margaret Shaw, of Little Orchard, Tennyson Road, Worthing, remembers Jack/Henry moving in to number 30 Graham Road next door.

She said: "We were intrigued to see tiny little chairs and furniture being unloaded from the removal van. We assumed a family with children were to be our new neighbours.

"I always remember seeing the very small pairs of white canvas shoes drying in the sun on the garden wall. I could hardly believe they belonged to a man with feet smaller than my four-year-old daughter."

If you have any further information on Jack/Henry, or know if (or why) he went under two names, write to Paul Holden at Argus House, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury, Brighton, BN1 8AR, or email