While on my usual walk to work through St Ann's Well Gardens, Hove, I was quite dismayed at what I saw.

Not too long ago, Brighton and Hove City Council spent an absolute mint on new tennis courts. Now, however, they are fast becoming run down.

I saw dogs with their owners being allowed to mess everywhere, skateboard scratches over the smart two-tone green courts, torn nets and a lady actually training two large dogs inside the compound.

Eggs have been thrown in there, I am told.

On the gate it states "Tennis Courts, £5.60 per hour" but I was told no one ever collects the money. Simple arithmetic states the council is losing close to £40 per hour.

Would not this amount pay someone to look after the courts in the summer? One court has two large holes dug in it and left for more than a year. Children will be coached soon on the courts.

If a particular child is unlucky, it could go blind from dog's mess.

-June Meads, Upper North Street, Brighton