So what in essence did we learn from the anti-stadium letters published in The Argus last Friday?

One person felt despite the club being called Brighton and Hove Albion they should play in Newhaven, although, apparently, we will need to upgrade much of the A26 to achieve this.

Someone else objected to Falmer on environmental grounds but then advocated the more environmentally sensitive Waterhall.

Another believed a field next to railway line, two universities and a six-lane trunk road to be a "quiet area".

But Don McBeth provided the icing on the cake. I looked at his constructed picture carefully (being very familiar with the sites in question) and noticed he made a number of errors, including getting the stadium the wrong way round, building it on a mound as opposed to sinking it three storeys into the ground (as the planning application specifies) and using an incorrect scale.

All this paled into insignificance when you realised he also appeared to have had his camera pointing at the wrong location.

This is an easy mistake because Mr McBeth will not have used the same global positioning technology that architects and designers would when they produce the images that support the planning applications.

Perhaps The Argus could publish a warning with these "photographs" to the effect that "there is a distinct possibility nothing in this picture has any basis in accuracy".

I only hope, with his obvious lack of direction, Mr McBeth managed to find his way home.

Or is he currently to be seen wandering around the fine wheatfields of Preston Park?

-Adrian Newnham,