Was Don McBeth on top of the university when he took his photograph?

He is way above the level of the A27 and the car travelling along it.

He also said he went to the proposed site and found himself looking into a hollow and yet superimposed the stadium on top of a hill, practically on the A27.

He should have gone one better and put the stadium on stilts straddling the A27.

He was that high up he could probably see the Palace Pier.

He sounds like the anti-sports brigade we have on Brighton and Hove City Council.

I think the council is delaying at every opportunity until after the local elections next year and then it will be a resounding No to a new stadium and any other sport.

By the way, I am not a youngster - I am retired - but this so-called city of ours needs something done for sport, not just Churchill Square and the seafront.

-D Moore, Loder Road, Brighton