Commuters fed up with poor rail services are venting their anger by hitting a punchbag.

Passengers at Brighton station were invited to whack the bag, surrounded by pictures of Chancellor Gordon Brown, as they went to catch their trains this morning.

It was provided by Friends of the Earth, who are campaigning for more user-friendly trains.

People were also encouraged to text angry messages to the Government from their mobile phones.

Friends of the Earth rail campaigner Richard Dyer said passengers suffered from high prices, inadequate service and delays.

He said: "We are giving people the chance to take out their frustration on the Government and tell Gordon Brown exactly what they think.

"There is not enough money being invested in the railways and if we want a reliable service, more has to be done."

Passenger Emily Thomas, 28, said she was fed up with high prices.

"Since the railways were privatised they have gone to pot and the Government is doing very little about it."