Keith Jago (Letters, April 11) seemed to suggest the public could not be bothered to sign a book of condolence for the Queen Mother.

Having noticed in a local paper such a book existed, I went along to the Civic Centre. There was no sign of it.

I inquired and was directed to the back of the foyer, where I found a table and chair and the book, all nicely set out but completely hidden behind some very tall plants. This, I was told, was to give privacy to anyone wishing to sign.

Too much privacy, perhaps, for the comparatively small number of people who visit the centre. I imagine the Community Centre would be better patronised.

At any rate, since not everyone buys a local paper there could at least have been a notice or two.

When I counted the names in the book, I found there were only 30.

This does not seem to tally with the proportion of the populace who were genuinely interested and who sympathised with the Queen.

-Hazel Wise, Queen's Place, Shoreham-by-Sea