As a regular reader of Feedback, I felt a huge pat on the back was required after reading Simon Bradshaw's comments of April 12.

I regularly allow my five-year-old daughter to read paragraphs from The Argus, as part of her current homework is understanding the structure of a sentence.

Where better to develop an interest in the world around you than the local evening paper?

I have long been a believer that trends in the printed word affect the style of English being used by the younger generation and agree that while trendy styles may be fine in arty-farty Brighton circles they are not helping to teach our children the basics of what can be a beautiful language.

I write not as a fuddy-duddy old lady but someone who feels standards in the spoken and written word in this country have slipped beyond belief.

What chance have our children when Blue Peter presenters have no "t" in their vocabulary and talk about someone as being a "real goer".

Keep up the good work. I await future columns with interest.

-Elly Smith,