Puss In Boots will not be meeting Prince Charming for some Goody Two Shoes action at the Brighton Centre.

No, it's not a cancelled date on a lonely-hearts page, it's the sad news that Adam Ant has pulled out of the Here And Now Tour.

The promoters of the concert have released a statement saying the dandy highwayman will not be playing for medical reasons.

Those with an eye on the news will probably know that Adam, whose real name is Stuart Goddard, was committed to a psychiatric hospital after being accused of pulling a gun in a pub in north London.

From his ward, he reportedly called The Sun newspaper and said: "I'm not mad."

Adam was due to headline the Eighties bash, which features heroes Belinda Carlisle (Heaven Is A Place On Earth) ABC (Poison Arrow) Howard Jones (What Is Love), Toyah (It's A Mystery) and China Crisis (Christian).

Promoters say former Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley will replace Adam.

Crowds can expect a fringe-flicking finale of hits such as Gold, Pure and Through The Barricades.

Those kings of wishful thinking Go West have also been added to the bill.

One of the first tour mates to speak out in Adam's defence was former party girl Belinda.

The ex-punk rocker, ex-cocaine addict and ex-target of no fewer than 32 stalkers says she knows all too well what it's like to freak out under pressure.

"It's not unusual for people to go off the rails. People flip out all the time - life is tough. The only reason we know about Stuart is because he's high profile.

"I went through a bad time early in my career but I made it through. If you have inner strength, you'll make it through, no matter what the media or the music industry says."

Formerly of The Go-Gos but best known for sunny pop hits such as Circle In The Sand and We Want The Same Thing, Belinda is now married, with a daughter, and living in the south of France.

"I love the Mediterranean lifestyle, the sea and the sunshine and, most of all, I love French people - I adore their sense of humour."

The concert is sold out.