Just the words audience participation are enough to strike the fear of God into many timid theatre-goers.

But, sometimes, it's the actors who are left feeling bewildered.

George Long, who stars as Four-Eyed Moe in the forthcoming musical Five Guys Named Moe is just one of them.

"One guy completely took over. He came up and did a whole song and dance routine. I had to say: 'Hey, this is my show'," he says laughing.

Two of the Moes, George and Julian Cannonier, are in Brighton to talk about the show - a jazz musical told through the music of the legendary musician and songwriter Louis Jordan.

In fact, this is the second time Julian has appeared in the musical, as he first toured with the show in 1994.

The musical follows a lonely character called Nomax, who has lost his girlfriend and his money. Five sharp-suited guys, Big Moe, Little Moe, No Moe, Eat Moe and Four-Eyed Moe, appear from out of a television on a mission to transform Nomax's life by smartening him up and teaching him the error of his ways.

According to George, each Moe sings a song about the different women in their lives and the mistakes they've made.

"It is quite a loose plot, which helps pave the way for getting good party songs together.

"The first act is mainly set around teaching Nomax different ways to treat women. The second act becomes more of a cabaret and is set in a place called The Funky Butt Club.

"It's a good place for our Five Guy routines and is also great for audience participation. It makes the show a lot of fun and different to other productions because nobody is safe. Everyone will get picked out for something."

The show relies on the audience's interaction to help create the party atmosphere it has become known for.

And, apparently, a large proportion of the audience re-book after seeing Five Guys for the first time.

If you're not the outgoing type, don't worry too much, as Julian reckons it depends on the audience as to how far the actors push their involvement.

Any hecklers should watch out though, as they will be keeping their eye out for anyone they think is willing to get up on stage.

Tickets cost £8 to £22.50. Call 01273 328488.