Many congratulations to the Albion on winning the Second Division championship.

For the second season running, the Albion have proved to be the best team in their division.

This is due to great performances and results in both seasons. Both Micky Adams and Peter Taylor have done a great job for the Albion this season and this must be remembered.

Now the Albion have won promotion to the First Division, I wonder if Brighton and Hove City Council will go full steam ahead to ensure a new stadium for the team to play their football in?

The players, club and supporters have played their part in bringing football success to the city.

Now it's time for the council to play its part. Local councillors and politicians must get together to take positive decisions in favour of a new stadium for our great club.

Falmer is the ideal location for the stadium and our councillors must take positive steps to see this stadium built.

The new stadium is vital for the club's future and now is the time to act.

-Steve Fuller, Rowan Avenue, Hove