With calls for a new stadium for the Albion reaching fever pitch, it's time for a cold, hard look at the realities.

The Falmer site is too small and the plan flies in the face of Brighton and Hove City Council's own policies to protect precious downland and greenfield sites.

Dressing the stadium up as an "educational facility" is a blatant attempt to get round planning regulations.

The club cannot even reach agreement with Brighton University and villagers will, quite rightly, fight the scheme tooth and nail at a public inquiry.

We have been told Falmer is the only site but why? Down the road is a huge area of reclaimed landfill, already being used for sports, close to the A27, A23 and mainline railway.

Waterhall has everything going for it. Falmer has nothing.

-M Shaw, Ovingdean Road, Brighton