What a splendid idea from Mr R Ticehurst of Eastbourne (Letters, April 11) to site the new Brighton and Hove Albion stadium in Newhaven.

On the North Quay, it would have its own station right alongside, the A26 could be improved, there is plenty of room available for car parking and it would have a waterside location.

There are no immediate neighbours to complain about any noise or crowds and the building of an impressive stadium would do nothing other than vastly improve the whole area.

The benefits to Newhaven would be considerable. Employment, gain of sporting facilities, improvement of a semi-derelict area and, of course, with thousands of people arriving and departing, it is inevitable some would visit retail and food establishments in and around the town.

I am sure the welcome would be great in Newhaven with virtually no opposition, as there has been for the Falmer site.

We would welcome BHA in BN9, particularly at North Quay.

-Michael Young, Fullwood Avenue, Meeching Valley, Newhaven