Thieves stole a medical bag from a former paramedic who still helps accident victims.

Bjorn Birk was dismayed to find the metal case full of emergency supplies had been taken from his car outside his flat in Wilbury Avenue, Hove.

Inside the bag was emergency resuscitation equipment, including a stethoscope, needles, intravenous drips and plastic airways, all of which Mr Birk paid for himself.

Mr Birk worked as a paramedic and ambulance technician in Germany for three years before becoming a graphic designer.

While he is no longer called to the scenes of accidents, he continues to use his medical experience to provide emergency first aid whenever he encounters an accident.

Two weeks ago, Mr Birk, 26, helped a woman whose car crashed into the wall of his Eastbourne office.

He said: "It was a high-impact crash and she was quite shaken. I examined her for injuries and stabilised her neck.

Mr Birk paid £200 for the emergency equipment but thinks it will be worthless to the person who stole it.

He said: "I think they just pinched it because it was an aluminium suitcase. There is not a lot you can do with it unless you know how to use the things.

"Whoever stole the equipment will probably just throw it away. I would be extremely annoyed if an accident happened now and I haven't got my stuff with me."

A police spokesman said: "With any type of medical instruments we have to be concerned in case they fall into the wrong hands."