I have noticed all over Brighton and Hove a poster has appeared showing an artist's impression of the proposed new Albion stadium.

I would guess until this poster was shown the vast majority of people, myself included, had no idea of the stadium's precise location, apart from the fact it is going to be "at Falmer".

As a result, I went to the proposed site at Village Way, Falmer, and found myself looking at a newly-sown wheatfield lying in a hollow of sparkling green downs, in open countryside.

That the city needs a football club is not in question. That the club needs a permanent home is also not in question.

What is in question is that we can seriously think of building a football stadium in a wheatfield on the South Downs.

I went to the other side of the valley and took a photograph. I then superimposed the proposed stadium on the photograph from the point of view of how most of us will see it.

It is shown from the Falmer roundabout on Lewes Road, without the graphical stylisation or the girdle of non-existent trees as shown on the poster.

From this, readers may be able to appreciate the stark reality of the proposal.

As a result, I would urge anyone involved in the club or decision-making process and Albion supporters alike to go there, stand in front of the proposed site and do as I did.

Look to your right towards the high, swaying trees, look to your left at Falmer's ancient church, then look to your front towards the wheatfield and rolling green South Downs.

Then ask yourself the question: "Is this really the best place we can find to build a football stadium?"

Don McBeth

-Tivoli Crescent North, Brighton