A teacher who said he was the victim of racial abuse and sexual taunts at a school has lost his claim for compensation.

The 36-year-old man and the Sussex school cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The man, who was born in Nigeria, made a claim for racial discrimination at a Brighton employment tribunal in September last year against the governing body of the school.

The tribunal has now announced its decision to dismiss his case.

During a four-day hearing, he listed a 28-page catalogue of complaints, including claims he suffered racial abuse from colleagues and students.

He alleged a gay teacher threatened to force him to have sex and accused students of appalling behaviour, including gambling, dealing in drugs and violence with weapons.

He told the hearing his complaints were ignored by senior staff because of his race.

He said that the discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in the staff room started on his first day at work when a male colleague winked at him and said: "Mmm, those are lovely trousers you have got on."

He also said a colleague made comments about his bottom and another with a cocaine problem punched him.

He claimed he saw two gay teachers kissing in a classroom and there were indecent physical activities in the staff toilet.

The man, who resigned from the school in autumn 2000 after working there for a few months, said he could not find another teaching job and told the tribunal if he won his case he wanted his job back.

But other teachers denied his allegations. One described the accusations as "pure fantasy".

The school said it faced complaints about the teacher's behaviour, including that he had broken wind in a pupil's face.

The teacher resigned after a police investigation into an allegation that he had indecently assaulted a child. No charges were ever brought.

The education authority responsible for the school declined to comment on the tribunal's decision.

The teacher, who has now moved from the Brighton area, was unavailable for comment.