City councillors have approved a new way of running their authority which will be put into action in May.

Out will go the unpopular leader and cabinet system operating for the last three years.

In will come an improved version of the old committee system.

Brighton and Hove City Council approved the new arrangements last night with agreement from the Labour and Tory opposition groups.

There were some doubts from the Green group, and from the Lib-Dems who wanted a series of neighbourhood forums. The council agreed to look at them later.

Only 34 people commented on the propsals which were publicised by the council at the end of last month.

Pressure group Ourpower has called on the council to delay implementation of the new system until there has been wider consultation.

Campaigner Erica Smith said people had not been given adequate time or information to give their feedback.

But council leader Ken Bodfish said the proposals had been publicised widely.

He added: "It would be possible to delay it but that would not be in the interests of the people.

"They are fed up with our talking about structures. They are more interested in what we can achieve."