The act of vandalism on the gravestones in the Lewes area is just another example of the dictatorial attitude of certain individuals in some parts of Lewes District Council.

They put themselves above the electorate by trying to make a name for themselves within their own hierarchy.

Before the council gets on its high horse regarding health and safety, I suggest it puts its own house in order first. The walkways between the graves at the Lawns cemetery in Woodingdean are a case in point.

Some time ago, my wife and her sister were visiting their mother's grave there when my wife broke her ankle after falling down a hole which was covered by long grass. Her leg was in plaster for six weeks. She telephoned the council in case somebody else injured themselves but her warning fell on deaf ears and she did not even receive a letter of apology.

In view of the fiasco of mass laying down of gravestones, my wife is considering legal action over her broken ankle. Remember, it is we, the public, who decide who is in power.

D J Carpenter, Bramber Avenue, Peacehaven

No warning

I was shocked by the grave violation by contractors working for Lewes District Council. If I had not known otherwise, I would have thought a group of vandals had been at work.

Total disrespect has been shown by the council to the relatives of the deceased. Safety is an important issue but this work should have been carried out in a more thoughtful way. The council should have told relatives in advance the work needed to be carried out.

-Steve Fuller, Rowan Avenue, Hove