As president of Brotherhood Gate Church for 16 years, I would like to comment on John Anthony's misfortune (Letters, February 14).

John is a very gallant gentleman, highly educated and a true spiritualist in that he offers unconditional love to everyone. It is inconceivable to me he should have been treated in this way. Knowing John as I do, he would certainly not have deserved it.

For many years, we have suffered from drinkers in the St James's Street area. Since the recent police action, we have seen an enormous improvement. Sadly, however, many people are still nervous of attending church, where we offer love, friendship and truth to all who seek.

Until people recognise their deepest need is to be loved and appreciated, violence will remain in today's society. The way to be released from it is to reach out in genuine interest and compassion and to recognise everyone as a brother or sister.

-B Horne, Brotherhood Gate Church, St James's Street, Brighton