Antiques enthusiasts and bargain hunters are being invited to flog their prized possessions for a new TV series.

The BBC show Flog It! will come to Hove later this month.

It has been designed to combine the traditional appeal of the Antiques Roadshow with the excitement of Bargain Hunt.

The added twist to Flog It! is that participants can win or lose their own money by selling their items at auction.

The BBC2 show is divided into a valuation day, when people are invited to bring up to three objects they want to sell, and an auction day.

The valuation day will be held at the Hove Centre, in Hove Town Hall, on Sunday, January 20. Admission is free and filming takes place between 9.30am and 4pm.

Everyone will receive a valuation of their items but more than three items are only acceptable if they form part of a collection.

BBC experts will try to persuade contributors to take a chance selling their items at auction, based on their given valuation.

The auction is filmed, with the contributors who make the most money and the experts whose valuations are closest to the sale prices declared winners.

Another auction will take place at Rye Auction Galleries, Rock Channel, Rye, on Friday, February 1.