Mick O'Callaghan has become the first victim of St Leonards manager Glyn White's tough new regime.

Rookie boss White is keen to stamp his authority over his new charges at the Firs and the former Rye coach has introduced some rules and regulations.

White said: "I let Mick O'Callaghan go on a matter of discipline.

"He is not the most disciplined player on and off the pitch.

"I put in place some rules and I want them to be carried out.

"I expect players to turn up for all games in shirt and tie and I don't want to see any baseball caps.

"Turning up for games and training on time is essential but Mick was a bit of a jack the lad in his attitude and I'm not turning out for training on a Tuesday and a Thursday if half the players are going to be sat at home.

"Mick O'Callaghan used to miss more training sessions than he was there for and he would walk round with his baseball hat on back to front.

"The majority of the players are very good but I should not have to uphold the laws here. There was a lack of discipline in the past regime."