Hastings Town player Stuart Myall has admitted he has taken his side's Boxing Bay defeat at Eastbourne Borough worse than some of his team-mates.

The 27-year-old midfielder, born and bred in Eastbourne, has been on the receiving end of a lot of grief because of the scoreline.

Town lost 3-0 at Priory Lane and Myall confessed: "It was an absolute nightmare.

"I have had no end of banter off my friends about that result."

The former Albion player added: "When I was at Brighton, Langney Sports (now Eastbourne Borough) were just a County League side.

"They have come up and although they always used to be a small club, Eastbourne Borough are now one of the better sides in the Dr Martens eastern division.

"Borough have a strong side and if they don't go up this season then they will be a team to watch next year. My mates from the area still think in terms of Langney and the small club they were previously."

Myall insists the Boxing Day defeat was a minor blip.

He said: "Other than that game we have been playing very well.

"We have competition all over the pitch and we have a group of about 16 good players here."