With all due respect to John Deverell, I had doubts about whether his being barred by the ageist Polar Central bar really justified being a lead story in The Argus. Sleuth-like, therefore, I visited the place myself to assess the situation.

Despite wearing trainers and being 43 years old, I am pleased to report I was served a drink (£3 for a pint of strong lager) and enjoyed a pleasant 30 minutes in Polar Central. Cautiously, I attribute Mr Deverell's mishap to over-zealous doorkeeping rather than a blatantly ageist policy.

If it's any consolation to him, Polar Central is not really a pub at all - it's more

a cocktail and lager bar. If, like me, Mr Deverell prefers

a more traditional beer-drinker's pub, he hasn't really missed anything.

However, the incident serves as a useful wake-up call to us older drinkers. I have occasionally been refused admission to other pubs because it was students' night or similar nonsense and, from now on, will be keeping a sharper eye open for ageist admission policies in local pubs and bars.

-Tim Holman, Richmond Road, Brighton