So the self-proclaimed trendy Polar Central bars 54-year-old John Deverell because "the venue seeks a younger clientele". Wow - it's so cool of the place to flaunt its outmoded bigotry in such a radical, upfront way.

Would the doorman have turned Mr Deverell away quite as abruptly had he been too black, short, fat, female or gay for the bar's optimum liking? Obviously not. In a city such as Brighton and Hove, its very name a supposed byword for celebration of diversity, the hypocrisy of these people is all the more embarrassingly comic.

Before the proprietor disappears up his own fashionable fundament, as a token hip young thing I am duty bound to enlighten him, firstly with the newsflash that ageism went out with the dinosaurs and, secondly, that my friends and I will be drinking elsewhere in the future - not to dodge the aesthetically traumatising sight of a middle-aged man wearing the wrong jumper but, rather, in youthful disdain for the Polar Central's own deeply naff delusions of grandeur.

-Marina Tyndall, Gloucester Road, Brighton