Obviously, it is good news to hear that the development of the Preston Barracks site will bring more jobs (The Argus, December 21). However, it's interesting Brighton and Hove City Council mentions nothing about consulting with local people on the future of the site.

Residents of the area and the Saunders Park Community Association at a recent public meeting put forward the case for what they want to see there. It's of crucial importance the council listens to what people have to say in order that it does not repeat the mistakes of the past.

There are a number of problems in the area that poorly considered redevelopment could repeat. We have large amounts of social housing without adequate support staff or community facilities. Parking in the area is poor and made worse by the nearby university. The retail units often disturb local residents and employ very few local people. Finally, the area (including Saunders Park itself) is poorly lit and there is a high level of petty crime.

Yes, we need better quality, higher paid jobs but the council needs to learn from its mistakes and listen to what local communities have to say.

-Billy Dann, Freehold Terrace, Brighton