For New Year's Eve, I came to Brighton and Hove to celebrate and bought tickets for the Essential Dance at the Brighton Centre.

Happy to pay £35 each for the tickets, we arrived to find quite a queue at 8.45pm.

At 10pm, we were still in the same position so one of the girls in our group went to the doors and asked when we would get in. She was told girls on their own could get in straight away.

Freezing cold, we told the girls to do so. At 10.30pm, my two friends and I went to the doors and gave the doorman £35 to let us in. money talks.

We heard later some people were given their money back because it was over-subscribed and others were not let in until well after midnight.

Once inside, you couldn't move to dance or get to the bar for a drink. The DJ we came to see arrived at 3.30am. Obviously we were not his main interest for New Year's Eve. Afterwards, we found our coats in a bin liner because the cloakroom had run out of hangers.

I hope Brighton and Hove and Radio One arrange another "event" next New Year's Eve and get left with all the tickets. We will not be conned again. I will not be in a hurry to return to your city.

-J Freeman, South Croydon, Surrey