In January 1837, there were heavy falls of snow in Brighton. Sir A Dalrymple held a convivial meeting at the Duke of Wellington's.

He announced: "Some hundreds of men have been employed for more than a week, removing huge heaps of snow from the streets. We have been a week without any communication from Hastings or Tonbridge Wells."

Many poor people were cold and hungry. Soup kitchens were set up. People could buy soup tickets at 1p each at Spring Gardens and at Mr Mockfords in Edward Street near The Globe. This entitled them to a quart of soup. The soup was delivered at the soup kitchens, for ticket holders only, on Saturday, Tuesday and Friday at 12 o'clock precisely.

The formula for 100 gallons: 134lb of beef; 11/2 bushels of peas; 14lb of salt; 1lb of ground pepper; 40lb of Scotch barley or rice; 2 gallons of onions; 4 gallons of turnips; herbs.

Happy new year.

-Joan Hardcastle, Patcham