A council is in line to get Government help in funding a pilot kerbside recycling scheme.

Lewes District Council will launch the first phase of a pilot scheme in Lewes in March with a similar project in Newhaven three months later.

Kerbside collections in Lewes will be managed by local charity Furniture Now! In Newhaven, recyclable material will be collected by the Contract Works Group.

Councillor Julie Carr, council Cabinet member with specific responsibility for the environment, said: "I am keen to use the success of our joint work with community groups such as Furniture Now! as evidence of our commitment to working in innovative ways.

"This should help us to bring in extra Government funding for the kerbside recycling in Newhaven."

The council will have to draw heavily upon its reserves after receiving a lower-than-expected Government grant for the next financial year.

Low global interest rates mean the council's income from investments will also be much lower than expected.