Sussex Deputy Chief Constable Maria Wallis has promised extra community officers for Brighton and Hove.

Mrs Wallis, who received the Queen's Police Medal in the New Year's Honours, has also praised the crime-busting work of police in Hove and Shoreham.

Hangleton councillor Mark Barnard has asked her when his ward would get a new community beat officer.

The area was patrolled by PC Tracey Dixon, who has not been replaced since she was moved to CID duties at Hove last year.

Mrs Wallis said: "We are making every effort to recruit additional officers and are committed to having the right levels of community officers across the force.

"The amalgamation of Hove and Brighton divisions in April will provide opportunities to increase our on-street presence, dealing with quality of life issues rightly viewed as important by the community.

"While Hove has seen its numbers of officers reduced recently, Sussex Police has a duty to balance its deployment decisions with the demands placed on the entire force.

"On a more positive note, the existing Hove and Shoreham division has achieved remarkable reductions in crime."

She said a commitment had been made to provide a named community beat officer for Hangleton as soon as possible.

Nominations were being considered before Christmas and an appointment is expected shortly.