I am not very often upset by anything I read in The Argus but I was by Adam Trimingham's column of propaganda for the EU (The Argus, December 27).

Not just because I have a different stance, rather because of the pathetic nonsense he chose to try to support his view.

First and foremost, the question is not just one of adopting the euro. As far as I am concerned, the pound can be called what you will - dollar, yen, euro or dong - what matters is the rate of exchange and how our economy will fare if we divest ourselves from the ability to take our own decisions.

Clearly Mr Trimingham doesn't understand the economics involved. For a simple example of what I am saying, both Australia and New Zealand use the dollar but they have not merged their economies and that is what we are bound to do if we sign up to the euro.

There would no longer be an exchange rate between the UK and the continental euro and essentially this is the problem the Chancellor has to reconcile when he talks of convergence.

We will get no more jobs if we adopt the euro nor will we safeguard what we still have.

Most of our manufacturing jobs have been lost because this nation prefers to import. Even the continental vehicle manufacturers who have found it efficient to produce here are making noises about repatriating the work because if we join the euro it will saddle industry here with all the extra social and other costs the absence of which presently makes the UK attractive to them.

Where Mr Trimingham and I agree is perhaps on the inevitability of us being drawn in eventually.

However, I pray if it happens it will be because we have made an intelligent choice understanding what is actually involved and not because the "Sage of Sussex" thinks it will be more convenient for him to use the euro on his holidays.

-John Taylor, Wealden Way, Haywards Heath