A massage during the working day could keep the sick days away.

This is the latest idea in the battle against stress in the workplace.

Personal fitness trainer and masseur Lee Quilter is launching a new service in Brighton in the hope of persuading open-minded bosses of the benefits he could bring to their business.

Lee is planning to cut workplace stress through mini-workouts and massage aimed at helping employees who cannot find the time to relax.

He is offering to work his magic on anyone, from manual hassled office workers to pressurised public servants.

Lee, who developed the idea for his company Lee Quilter Personal Fitness Trainers with the Prince's Trust, said: "It's not so much about getting people fit as providing ten or 15 minutes of physical activity.

"Maybe people have just been staring at a screen and can't get their head round a problem but if you take them away from that environment they can come back to it totally refocused.

"Stress costs businesses millions of pounds each year, due to sickness and poor employee performance.

"We are targeting employers who are Investors in People, in the hope they are a bit more open-minded.

"We will work with anyone, especially if their job is demanding. We are looking to relax workers, help them refocus and re-energise, and make them more productive.

"We can also help teams of employees pull together as a group, which will have overall benefits for a company.

"We'd like to think we could help anyone, no matter what their job. But it is quite a new thing and more masculine professions may think it's all a bit girly. It's a question of getting people to understand the potential benefits.

"I think everybody is so conscious of their fitness levels now but although they think, 'I've got to do this or that', they never do because they don't have the time.

"Not only will this benefit people in their working lives but in their social lives too, because they will be able to spend more relaxed time with their families."

Lee Quilter Personal Fitness Trainers is recruiting personal trainers now. For more information, call Lee on 07710 716902.